Wednesday, September 21, 2016

8th Grade Spanish Animoto Videos

8th Grade Spanish - Animoto Videos

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a few days with Mrs. Coppinger-Fraser's 8th grade Spanish classes. She did a wonderful PearDeck (interactive presentation) about Mexican Independence. The students loved using the tool!
From that point, the students worked on completing their "10-25 Things I Love" project. The students made wonderful videos that illustrated things they liked. It was an excellent opportunity for the students to use their Chromebooks to complete a performance assessment. I've removed the student names and included a few sample videos. 
Please ask your child to see his/her video. They worked hard and came out very well!
(Spanish Translation - I might've used Google Translate to Cheat!: Tuve la maravillosa oportunidad de pasar unos días con clases de español de 8º grado de la Sra Coppinger - Fraser. Ella hizo una maravillosa PearDeck (presentación interactiva) sobre la Independencia de México. Los estudiantes encantó la herramienta!

A partir de ese momento, los estudiantes trabajaron en completar su proyecto "10-25 cosas que amo.” Los estudiantes hicieron maravillosos videos que ilustran las cosas que les gustaban. Fue una excelente oportunidad para que los estudiantes puedan utilizar su Chromebook para completar una evaluación del rendimiento. He quitado los nombres de los estudiantes y incluido algunos vídeos de muestra.
Por favor, pregunte a su hijo a ver a su / su video. Ellos trabajaron duro y salió muy bien!)

Sample Animoto Videos

Thursday, September 15, 2016


6th and 7th Grade

In 6th and 7th Grade, we've been going over an introduction of the course. We begin the course by discussing digital citizenship and during the first few cycles we dig deeper into many of the topics. We've already had some great discussion as to what is/is not appropriate to post on social media. We're going to dig deeper and deeper into that topic as the course progresses. 

Furthermore, and as an introductory activity, some of the classes have been able to create their very own Wordles. I asked them some questions such as hobbies, favorite sport, pet peeve, etc., and the students put together some beautiful word clouds. I've included some samples below. 

8th Grade

In 8th Grade Spanish, the students were asked to put together a list of 25 things they love. We're going to take that list and create a video - complete with music, text and images, that illustrate all of the things they love. Samples of those will be forthcoming. 

7th Grade Wordles